Stroma use high quility materials coming mainly  from well known European manufactures. All materials are made according to European standarts  and covered with certificates such as Ecolabel and Oeko Tex 100. The unique way of construction and the absent of foam and chemical materials allow Stroman matttress to  be more breathable.


bonnell spring stroma 2Bonell springs – are arranged into rows and connected to each other up and down with helical wire and strengthen with the flat still frame placed all around the edge. Mattresses with Bonnell springs are harder and more solid with less independent support.

pocket spring stromaPocket springs - each one is less hard and packed individually in fabric pocket allowing them to work independently. That’s why spring unit with pocketed springs takes easily the shape of the body, supports correctly the spine and the body and makes sleep more comfortable. Mattresses with Pocket springs are suitable for all, especially for couples with different weight as they do not disturb each other while turning.

micropocket str0ma 2MicroPocket springs - have the same features as Pocket springs, but are smaller in diameter with thinner wire and that's why mattresses with MicroPocket springs can give better support to the spine.

reinforce stromaReinforcements are special springs butterfly type, which we are used at the sides of the mattresses so as to support better the edge and give extra strength where we ussually sit and put more pressure on the mattress.


All fabrics are made in Europe according to European health stantards having different specifications. All are with Oeko tex 100 certificate and we mainly use 2 different types.

oeko texDamask – high quality woven fabrics with Aloe Vera and anti acaria treatment, used for mattresses „Thin Eco”, „Soft Ecological, „Coco Ecological”, „Orthopedic Ecological” as well for kids mattresses.

Knitted fabric – high quality streachable fabric with anti acaria treatment, used more for Pocket springs mattresses - „Reva”, „Orfeas”, „Passion”, „Olympia”.

Lyocell Vital - although is also a knitted fabric, it is quite unique because of its warmth-regulation properties, suitable for persons with allergic or sensitive skin and is used for the top of the line Pocketed mattress Las Vegas.

Other materials:

cotton stoma newecolabelCotton insulators, thermo bonded cotton, wool, camel Wool, Linen are made from natural fiber which are mixed with synthetic and fixed together thermally at high temperature that confer the hygienic standarts on the product.The products have no Chemical resins and adhesives and are ecological.
Coco fibers

coco stromaCoco fibers are found between the hard internal shell and the outer coat of a coconut. Although a hard material the coco fiber is elastic enough to be twisted without breaking and it holds a curl as though permanently waved. Rubberized coco fiber, is well known as a natural material that has the ability to breath. Combined with the properties of natural rubber, coco-fibers allow proper air circulation and offer the required support to our mattresses.


latex stromaNatural Latex comes in the form of a milky juice extracted from rubber trees usually grown in tropical climates. A particular merger procedure guarantees that its natural properties remain unharmed. Latex is an environmentally friendly material and a naturally anti-bacterial substance. Moreover it is breathable with high elasticity able to remain almost the same for long.

Memory foam

memory foam stromaIt is made from polyurethane with additional chemicals that add to its viscosity level, thereby increasing its density. It is firmer in cool temperatures and softer in warm. Because of its structure, it is easily adjusted to the different curves and has the ability to reduce point pain because of pressure.


HR Foam

It is made from polyurethane, is elasticate, high resilient and has the ability to regain its original shape, used only for mattress „Iris”.

Mattress ORFEAS 80x200

Orfeas is the ideal choice for all people who prefer medium hard  mattresses, is suitable for p..


Mattress REVA 80x200

Reva mattress is a simple mattress with Pocket springs with correct support and good relaxation..


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